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Or AWS, if your time’s important.

Amazon, yes the online book and shopping company, actually run one of the largest (if not the largest?) hosting platforms in the world, supporting businesses in over 190 countries since 2006. AWS offers a few key advantages over much of their competition:

  1. Price
  2. Scale
  3. Range
  4. Price (yes they really are that cheap)


AWS operates on a very clear strategy (depicted to the left, source). More customers means more usage, more usage means more infrastructure, which brings economies of scale, which lower prices, which attracts new customers/services. And so the cycle continues. …

Something I find continually interesting is how people view upfront vs ongoing costs in the world of app development. And I don’t strictly mean iOS apps, whether they be web-based software, custom website builds, mobile applications (or any of the many other things we made) there seems to be a somewhat common thread:
Upfront cost = investment but ongoing cost = liability.

This thought pattern leads to a great piece of software being run on a shoestring and very quickly ending up being no longer a great piece of software.

I’m an avid Dragon’s Den fan, and if they ever…

The effects of interruptions on my old programming team were something that I was acutely aware of, and the knock-on task-switching effects that has on technical disciplines.

Although I’ll speak in general, it’s worth noting that this mostly applies to the technical/programming space and may be less applicable to other industries.

Dilbert Comic 26/04/2015:

The impact of interruptions on workflow can prove hard to understand, especially at management levels that are one-to-two steps removed from “the coal face”.

It’s easy to walk up to someone in your office, ask a quick question and move on. …

Dilbert Comic 06/09/2015:

Having spent over a decade in custom software development, I’ve seen a range of approaches when a business embarks on a new software journey, but there is one conspicuous omission: MVP.

People tell me that’s an acronym used in sports too, but that’s not what I mean. In the world of software development, MVP refers to the Minimum Viable Product. In other words, the least you need to build in order to start trading.

If we translate this concept to physical stores, you wouldn’t expect to see new companies popping up to directly take on Myer or Bunnings at the…

Full disclaimer: this post will borrow heavily from Jeff Atwood and Martin Fowler who have both written on this topic in the past, mostly as we share a perspective and writing style. I also have a lot of respect for Jeff and his blog is a regular read of mine.

First, what is “technical debt”?

It’s a metaphor that’s been around for years, coined forever ago (read: pre-2003) by Ward Cunningham in an effort to explain the issue in a way non-programmers can understand.

Just like the financial space, the metaphor comes from the reality that taking on technical debt…

I was in the process of writing (what I thought was) a great article on the topic of this image

Source: Either 9Gag or Reddit? Sorry.

But today’s CommitStrip really won

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With over a decade’s experience in cloud-based software development, I share thoughts, tips and tricks in plain English for developers and business owners alike

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